{Project 52}: Week 1: Resolution

2011 consisted of photos that I randomly took – without any type of goal or guidance. Well, 2012 is going to be completely different. I want to make my pictures focus on something, anything than the norm. I also plan to include Jeffrey in on these posts, where we will both post pics referencing the topic. I’m aware that Jeff isn’t a photographer, but Santa brought him a Leapster Explorer with a Camera/Video attachment, so what better way to get him to use it! 😉 From here on out, I plan to schedule these photos over the weekends (with school coming up, that’ll probably be the only time I get to post them!) at the end of every weekly post. If you’re a photographer (or even if you’re not), I highly recommend that you hop on board this gravy train and join Sarah Cornish on her journey to capture “Inspired Art”.


Here are mine and Jeff’s photos for Week One:

Of course Jeff focused on his toys. His mess of toys anyway…

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