Our Pregnancy, Our Decision

**Warning: This is a hormonally charged post. Please consider yourself forewarned.**

When I found out the due date of our daughter, I decided to talk with my OB about having an early induction. The reason? You may ask? Honestly, for a few reasons. First of all, I believe that everyone deserves their own day. A special day to consider their very own. Sharing a birthday does not provide that. As it appears, there are already 4 celebrations in the month of September (soon to be 5), it’s going to be very difficult to spread it out to allow for it to happen. Second, my track record on pregnancy is 27 weeks. The goal here is to go as long as possible. Yes. This is true, so putting the 12th of September as a reasonable goal for a due date is not asking a whole lot. It’s actually a great goal, considering that this pregnancy could wind up just like the previous (hoping that with the preventative help from SLMFM, I won’t have an issue). Besides, the 12th is only 7 days earlier than the prospective due date. So what harm am I really doing by going a tad early??

Ultimately, the most important reason as to why I am planning an early induction is because my mother is now the responsible caretaker for my 80 year old grandmother. She can’t just jump on her broomstick, in the dead of night to come for her granddaughter’s birth. Not to mention that I have my sister and BFF coming from out of town for her birth. So having a date that I can give them to request off from work allows them to attend. They can’t just sit here a week, expecting their niece to arrive.

So with all this being said. This is OUR pregnancy and OUR decision. It would be greatly appreciated if family could respect our wishes without thinking that they need to add their 2 cents worth of negativity. Honestly, we don’t need anyone raining on our parade. If you’re going to be negative, go elsewhere. It’s not wanted here.




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  1. memorylanephoto

    Kendall was a week early (at my doc’s suggestion since she was a repeat c-section). He was not at all concerned since she was fully developed by then. If the doc isn’t concerned and you aren’t concerned, no one else has the right to be. Plus, plan alllll you want….that baby will come when she’s good and ready, maybe not even be the date YOU pick for induction. 😉 Regardless, it’s no one else’s business.