Pregnancy: {Week 20; 5 Months +/-}

Yesterday was my 20 week check up. The progesterone shots that I’m required to take weekly is doing its job and there is no concern that they’ll need to “sew” me shut anytime soon (or the dreaded bed rest). Although the surge of hormones sure makes me sick to my stomach 😦

Along with this new milestone, the hubs and I have decided that we plan to pick 3 favorite names, placing them in unmarked envelopes, and having Jeffrey pick an envelope when our baby girl is born. What better way to include him than to let him have a “say” in her name. I l♥ve the idea…

Here’s her profile pic (the sonographer gave me 8 pics!):

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  1. Hi little girl! Auntie Jessie thinks you’ll be as cute as a button!!