The Puzzling Piece – An iPad Challenge

At Jeffrey’s end of the year review, his occupational therapist recommended that we participate in this amazing opportunity to earn an iPad. We all know that iPad’s are spendy and frankly – I am a little skeptical that it will work for my child. Yet no amount of sign language, hand over hand, or imitation seems to be working in our favor. My son could care less if he communicates with us verbally. Why should he? We are around him 24/7, we instinctively know what he wants or needs (for the most part). There are times when he truly wants something that he will physically pull you or take to you what it is that he desires, but that is not as often as one would think. It can get frustrating at times, especially when he gets upset and I have no clue as to why. He comes running to me, huge tears rolling down his eyes and I have no way of understanding what is wrong and why he’s crying.

I love my boy with my whole heart and I definitely do not like seeing him upset, especially if there is nothing to be upset about. So I figured that if this challenge raises awareness of Autism and help others who are in the same boat as Jeff get that help, I am all for it. Not participating in something like this is nothing more than denial to myself that my son is “not one of those kids”. Frankly he is, and we love him nothing less. Rather, it makes his personality and who he is – which I wouldn’t change for the world. He’s Awesome! 😀

So if you’re interested in helping with my son’s cause, along with many others, there are 9 different pieces that are available that qualifies for the challenge.


By inserting my name for the challenger (Jacqueline Toy), we will receive credit for your purchase. Every little purchase counts!

For more information on this challenge:


And because there’s no way I won’t participate, I also bought a piece. A keychain, and I love it!


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