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Four Weddings & An Engagement: {A Gallery Post}

These four weddings and engagement shoots took place from 7/14/2012 through 8/3/2012. I got caught up with getting most edited that I fell major behind in posting for each one. So I decided to save some post space by posting it all together.

7.14 – Wedding: {The Riverside, Boise}

7.15 – Engagement: {Downtown Boise & Idaho Botanical Gardens, Boise}

7.18 – Wedding: {Westport, Washington}

7.28 – Wedding: {St. John’s Cathedral, Boise}

8.3 – Wedding: {Latter Day Saints Temple, Twin Falls}

If all goes as it should, the photos should be listed in order by date. I can’t promise anything, but here are some samples of the past few weeks:


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I Love This Shot {Boise Photo Walk 2012}

Out of a handful of photos to choose, I chose this one. I guess something that seems so ordinary can pop like something extraordinary. After donating some money to the local firefighters the other day, I figured it only appropriate to choose the fire hydrant.

Here’s hoping! 🙂

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Love that Shot {Boise Photo Walk 2012}

A couple weeks ago, my friend Jenn invited me to register to go on a photo walk in downtown Boise. Since I’ve been in a photography rut lately, I figured it would be a great opportunity to get out and have some alone time with like-minded folks who like to get snap happy 😉

I can’t really say that I have a “favorite” per se, but I do have a handful that I liked out of the shots I got. Being pregnant does have some disadvantages – such as different angles that I normally would have attempted had there not been a growing being inside of me kinda thing.

We started in Julia Davis Rose Garden, and I was really disappointed with the little maintenance these roses receive. Most of them were burnt on the edges (either too much or not enough fertilizer) and those make for a much uglier picture 😦

Then we headed on downtown, getting some really neat architectural/texture type of photos.

I think in the end – even if my photo is not top picked, that I got to hang out with some pretty cool people – and that was just fine with me 😀

The Group (I stole this from Jenn):

Here are my photos, just some straightening, cropping, and a little spruce ups:

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Newborn/Family: {Light Dances Photography Studio, Boise}

My newest niece was born on June 1st and as a gift to my brother and SIL, I booked studio time to get some shots of the little ones. The normal place where I go to do studio shoots has relocated – so I had to search around to find an adequate spot. This studio was very nice – although the price was almost double. 😦

Oh well, I got some good shots. And here I welcome Baby Tori (Victoria Leigh, 10 lbs.)

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