.:Six Word Saturday:.

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{May 14, 2010}

I can’t believe it! I’m graduating!!!

{November 27, 2010}

Hopefully going to Festival of Trees!

{November 6, 2010}

Shooting a wedding in Western Washington!

{October 30, 2010}

Going to a Halloween party tonight!!

{September 18, 2010}

My son’s Birthday Adventur3 is tomorrow!!

{September 11, 2010}

Getting our family photos done today!

{September 4, 2010}

Celebrating my anniversary and the Broncos!!

{August 28, 2010}

A crazed lunatic lives in Florida.

{August 14, 2010}

Fun times in historic Silver City!

{August 7, 2010}

Two weeks left of Summer vacation.

{July 31, 2010}

Having a Mommy and Me Adventure!

{July 24, 2010}

Enjoying the sunny days of Summer.

{July 17, 2010}

Throwing a party for hubby’s graduation!

{July 10, 2010}

All quiet on the Western Front.

{July 3, 2010}

Hope everyone enjoys their Independence Day!

{June 26, 2010}

It takes one to know one.

{June 19, 2010}

Your snarky comments are getting old.

{June 5, 2010}

Currently working on an awesome project.

{May 29, 2010}

Have a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

{May 8, 2010}

Glass houses + throwing stones = very hypocritical.

{May 1, 2010}

No one likes people who brag!

{April 24, 2010}

I only live by MY standards…

{March 13, 2010}

Who may be a friend, isn’t.

{February 13, 2010}

Keep friends close and enemies closer…

{February 6, 2010}

Don’t take loved ones for granted.

{January 23, 2010}

A True friend supports, not sabotages.


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