Volume 2: My Hubby

{May 18, 2010}

SO, we have finally acquired all the necessary equipment to go on our camping trip this Summer. We plan to go several times, so giving dates right now would be tentative. I do know that July is definitely one of the months that we will be heading North. No, maybe South. Nah, possibly East. Who knows, it could be West. Either way, we are going out, as a family, because that’s what families do. I don’t pawn my son off just so that I can go to have a good time, although it must be nice for those who constantly do so. Anyway… Til next time.

{April 16, 2010}

{April 12-14, 2010}

On a whim, my hubby took a friend of his to a new state for a killer new job. This was the biggest decision his friend has ever had to make. To move completely across the country, away from friends and family. All for a job that pays a little more than a meager wage. It’s sad that people need to relocate themselves, just to make ends meet. A 2500 mile trek to the very unknown territory of what we call the East Coast!, they left in the early morning of the 12th.  The two of them drove pretty close to non-stop, only stopping long enough for gas, then continuing on their way. This trip was nothing less than just getting his friend there. Absolutely no fun came from sitting on their butts for over 40+ hours. Although that were the case, I loaned my hubby my precious camera although I did tell him that if he broke it, to not bother coming home. So, in no specific order, here are the best pictures that he got, the others consisted of adornments and limbs from inside the vehicle. lol. Needless to say, my hubby has learned his lesson. No 2-day road trips to the East coast. We will however be planning a road trip for just the two of us later this summer to the East Coast. I’m truly looking forward to it!

They traveled through Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and flew through Colorado on his way home. Eek!!

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