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Guest Post: Idiocy and Competition

Screw you.
No, no. Not screw you, reader. I mean screw you, idiot.
Seriously our society has a major problem: idiocy. And it’s spreading worse than any outbreak of disease, AIDS, and any other illness you can think of…combined. The very fact that we can make up websites that show the extent of the stupidity in mankind, to me, is baffling. That’s just how stupid our society is, though. Somehow, somewhere, there are way too many mothers dropping way too many babies on their heads. I’m telling you, we need to find this place and rescue the kids. See that new food pyramid chart up above? Yeah, that’s from the movie Idiocracy. Sadly enough, that’s exactly where our society is headed. Why? Because we’re just.that.stupid. Personally, I blame it on the baby boomers. Damn oldies don’t know what’s good for them. Now, now, you must see that I do have a respect for the older generation – that is a respect for those who respect me also. However, the unfortunate thing is, and most twenty-somethings all across the globe will agree with me on this one, is that the majority of the people who are considered to be “old” are ageist. They judge us, our abilities, and the way we live our lives solely by how old we are.

But I don’t blame them, our generation isn’t doing much to really prove them wrong. I mean, we have idiots our here who are dying because they are too stupid to stop texting and watch where they are walking. Since when did places have to ban the use of iPods and cell phones when crossing the street? Because people are just that stupid you see, stupid enough to not realize that a bus could be barreling at them?! I have no sympathy for these people. And how ridiculous is it that the story they leave behind for their families to tell people goes something like this:

“I’m so sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you. Let his death be a lesson for all young people. That you should never use an iPod or cell phone while walking.”

Wha wha wha what? Brakes screech to a halt. Back up there for a second. The legacy you want your child to leave behind is that they lacked the common sense to effing look up from a piece of technology and look to see that they were crossing the street? What THE eff?! I feel it is 1) a direct reflection on the parent that they didn’t instill enough brain cells in their child to begin with and 2) it’s a direct reflection on the child’s and why am I still saying child when the example I used was of a nineteen year old-young adult? inability to use what God-given brain cells they had to begin with.

Let’s just keep on feeding Brawndo to the plants….at least we might as well considering our society is just that effing retarded.

And competition, did I mention competition is the most ignorant form of arrogance there is? Our society is filled with tons of people who do nothing more than compete with one another over the dumbest of issues. In personal opinion, if your ego is so inflated that you constantly want to one-up everyone around you, you are doing nothing but setting yourself up for the ultimate failure in the end. Doesn’t anyone remember “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”? Being civil towards one another and having the basic respect and dignity for someone, just because they are a fellow human being, is the right thing to do. Constantly shoving past achievements in someone’s face doesn’t get you anywhere. And dont’ get me wrong, a little competition is fine. But when someone gets the nerve to compete for the mere sake of making someone feel like crap, you have to admit that it’s just effing pathetic. Just because someone may be too nice to say something, doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking it – and the fact of the matter is this: when we meet people who are filled with this constant desire to compete, we not only believe that they are small personality-wise but they are also ever so shallow.

Like I said.  Screw You


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East Meets West & West Meets East

(Guest Post By Jessie Lynn Smith)

One thing has become blatantly obvious to me: I wish I could gather up all the wonderful women I have met along the blogger way and we could all live near one another. And I’m sure many of you feel the same way I do. Our loyal readers are those who have cheered us on as we tackle all the obstacles that have allowed us one step closer to our goals, they’ve given us that “ear” to hear us when we need someone to talk to, and they’ve also given us the “shoulder” to cry upon when life just seems to be too much sometimes. The sad reality is that many of our blogger buddies live far, far away from us…which quite frankly sucks. So I had an idea, with the help of my west coaster buddy Jacqueline: what about a gift-exchange?

As you know, last year we completed the Autumn Exchange where readers signed up to swap autumn themed gifts. Tons of people joined, and I loved reading all the awesome posts from people sharing what they received in the mail. We were like a kid on Christms…er…that’s right, an autumn Christmas! 🙂

But the difference is, this time our gift exchange will be merely just because and last all year (well, once every three months anyways – tee hee hee). Also, this time I’ll be co-hosting with two lovely ladies: Jacqueline of The Toy and Katelyn of

We all love meeting new people, seeing new blogs, promoting our own, and gathering new followers. So let the east meet the west and the west meet the east, while we group together to brighten each other’s day and send some blogger love 😉

Here’s how to join:
Note: I modified the rules used by Jess (found on Loves of Life)

1. Become a follower…
Go ahead, you know you want to 🙂 Feel free to follow me (see the bottom of my page), Katelyn and Jacqueline. It makes it easier for us to get a hold of you, you to get a hold of us, and for everyone to be able to check out each others blogs. Also, leave a comment that you want to participate, so we can be on the lookout for your email.

2. Fill out the form below, and submit…at any time!
Last year there was a deadline for your entrance submission. With this particular gift exchange, there is no deadline because it runs four times a year. Feel free to join in at anytime!
3. Spread the word!
The more participants, the better chance of meeting someone new!! (Graphic coming soon!!)

4. Look for your partner within 7-10 days.
We will email you with your partner within 7-10 days of receiving your submission. Then, you can get to know your swapmate asap.

5. Go shopping.
Put a little package together. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, just get creative!

Note: *PLEASE Limit yourself to a max of $15*. It’s the thought behind this exchange, not the pricetag.

6. Mail out your package within two weeks.
Gotta make sure those packages get to your partners within a reasonable amount of time 😉

7. Share the love.
Come back and comment with a link to a blog post about what you received. This way we can check out each others’ loot!
Make sure to check back every 3 months for a new swap.

Click Here To Be Taken To The Gift Exchange Sign-Up Form

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Guest Post: Marriage Lessons

If you haven’t seen the movie Fireproof I totally recommend it. A lot of people think Kirk Cameron is a Bible-pushing fanatic, and to be honest I may have actually believed that until I saw this movie for the first time. There are a lot of lessons that can actually be learned in general, with regards to marriage, and a lot of lessons that you can learn especially if your marriage is on the rocks.

So, with that said – I decided to go ahead and compile a little list of the lessons I’ve learned through my experiences being married to The Mister.

{Marriage Lessons}

1. Pick and choose your battles wisely.
Being married can often seem as though one is inside a battlefield and there are bombs going off all the time. Yep, as we all know, arguments can and will happen. The one thing I’ve learned super fast is that as a spouse one needs to pick and choose their battles wisely, because at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter that those washcloths are curled up in the side of the bathtub (for example) but it does matter that The Mister is still coming home to me each and every night to be by my side. Let go of the unimportant pet peeves.

2. Always start and end the day with a kiss, a hug, and a quick “I love you”. I think that this is a forgotten tradition in the American family. So many are drifting apart or packing their schedules too full, that they forget what it’s like to just take the time to kiss and hug your loved one and tell them how much you really care about them. Take the opportunity to do this, because we never know how soon that person could be taken from our lives. Life is way too short.

3. Communication is key. Without consistent communication within the marriage, there will be consistent problems. I probably should have moved this point to #1, as this is pretty much the number one reason, I think, that marriages fail. If two people are not willing to communicate their feelings to one another, then there is not going to be any plan of action set into place that allows for healing. And having good communication doesn’t have to stop with just the marriage as it is a necessity in pretty much every other relationship you will have.

4. Date nights are a must. You may not always have the money to go out and have the traditional date, but you can always improvise. A picnic, a meal cooked together, or a simple backrub while you watch a movie from Netflix. It all works! Taking the time out to really appreciate one another and the amount of effort that each spouse puts into the marriage is a wonderful way to not only grow closer, but build a stronger foundation for the future.

5. It’s never to late to start dreaming. One of the many things I love about my husband, is the fact that he is a dreamer. He dreams out loud and loves getting me involved on his thoughts, and this soon leads to both of us dreaming about our home, our pets, our children, our future, and everything else on our minds. It’s a wonderful thing to dream with your spouse. This helps you to become closer with one another while sharing similar hopes and aspirations, and possibly even set a game plan for the future.

6. It never hurts to be two completely different and individual people, as long as you can come together and compliment one another as a whole. One thing a lot of people don’t realize, is that a person doesn’t love you any less if you are sitting in the same room with them with no words spoken, and those same people are doing two completely different things. While the husband and I communicate on pretty much every subject out there, we do have evenings where he will get on the XBOX and play with this friend, and I will sit on the couch next to him while I blog, etc. It doesn’t mean that we are at odds with one another, it doesn’t mean that we don’t value each others’ company. It just means that we are taking break from routine, and doing something different for a change.

The same goes with some of our likes and dislikes – just because we are married and we consider each other best friends, doesn’t mean we have to like every one of the same things. The Mister is into cars, guitars and computers. I am into blogging, DIY, and movies. I don’t particularly care for the stuff he’s into, and he certainly doesn’t care about the stuff I’m into. And that’s okay because you can have different hobbies and have a successful marriage.

All that matters at the end of the day, is that you can compliment the individuality and help make your spouse a better person through the life that you live with them.

7. Even if the other person knows you are supportive, appreciative and you love them, never hesitate to show or say this on a frequent basis. One person told me, when they were having difficulties in their relationship, “I shouldn’t have to tell them I love them, they should already know.” My response to that statement went soemthing like this: If I never tell you that I like the clothes that you wear, do you know that I like the way you dress? Their answer, of course, was no. So why would that not work the same way with a relationship? If one never tells the people dearest to them that they are loved, there will always be some sort of question in their minds as to whether or not they really are loved. Think of it this way as well – if the person you hold dear to your heart was to die tomorrow, would you know with undenying certainty that they knew you loved them?

Always tell the people that you hold dear to your heart, that you love them.

8. Let your vows mean something. Don’t let them be mere words.
For better and for worse, through sickness and in health, through richer and poorer, you took those vows when you were married. Don’t let them be mere words. Don’t bog your spouse down with negative feelings, rather be their biggest fan and support them in all that they do. You desired to spend a lifetime with them because you loved all the admirable qualities that make up who they are, don’t let pet peeves, hard times, bad health or a financial struggle make you change your mind. Together you can stand and be strong.

So now that I’ve given you the lessons I’ve learned from married – what are some lessons you have learned?

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Guest Post: My Top Two Tuesday

Today’s Topic: Two Favorite Items From 2010
1. Halo Reach – I know this may seem a little odd, but it really was one of my favorite items from 2010. If I had a bad or stressful day filled with worry, the game really did provide an outlet to relieve some steam without having to leave the comfort of my own home. And on top of that it helped me meet a lot of really awesome people who are a blast to play with! If you’d like to meet another cool gamer, check out Jacqueline.

2. My Nikon Digital SLR – This year this little booger has really come in handy! I was able to get my photography business up and running and was quite successful this year. I was able to meet a lot of interesting people, some super cute kids, and was even able to experience some new things. It was definitely a great adventure! Now I’m ready for 2011, and with a few revisions to the biz I’ll be getting back out there and snapping away 🙂

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